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About Sindhi Tattler

Aristotle said that “Man is a social animal” and being a socializer, a friend of friends, and a person that loves the human race, and the Sindhi clans, I totally agree with him. This is very evident in the fact that the human race continues in establishing connection with the people around him. This could be through organizations, Kitty groups, Lunch or dinner groups, travel groups, chambers, Grandson and me group, joggers group, or the age long plain old college fraternity group. Man has always sought each other company to make life’s journey a little easy to bear.

If Aristotle were alive today, he would have been extremely pleased to see that it is now also connected through the power of information technology, be it a mobile phone, your black berry, or the face book. The connection goes stronger with the chat room, the forums via Internet, and various Internet groups.

Ambani’s ad “Duniya Muthi Me” [ the world in your palm] is so precise to the point.

The crash down of telecommunications prices, the continuos models of mobile phones being churned out, the various countless social networking groups found, the millions and millions of web sites, and dozens popping up daily has led t o a overdose. Pick up any subject, any topic, any title and you get hundreds of sites, most of them outdated or left hanging in the web world. This has led people to look for useful and practical sites and more so that is updated and quick. Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo Messenger are such examples.

Check out a Sindhi Website and you would find thousands of them. Each search engine produces a different listing of websites. More so is the fact that even in the Sindhi websites, we have various kinds of websites. We have the Sindhis from Pakistan, whose only link with the Overseas Sindhis is the fact that we originated from Sindh. We have other Sindhi websites who deal with Sindhis literature, plays, dramas, and Sindhi education. And the list goes on and on.

There is limited websites of Sindhis that deals with the modern Sindhis worldwide and none that truly connects them worldwide. The one who drinks JWB [that’s Blue], who attends more overseas and resort weddings than his board meetings, the one who is controlling the trading businesses worldwide, the one who has a cousin, friend, associate or relative in atleast 50 countries. The one who knows the Mayor of the city, the Politicians or the movers and the shakers, the movie stars, gets a seat even if the airline or restaurant is filled up, and the top businessmen. The one whom the NRI bankers treat them to a yearly Diwali dinner and movie premier invitation, and the one who goes to India to buy properties or invest in stocks there, and buy his list his wife gives him [and never gets them perfect]. Or the one who loves to surf the net, who is always on Page 3, carries branded handbags, travels with nanny if travelling with kids or simply the one who loves Internet and wants to know more about people, happenings, and the latest news.

And they want the latest news fast, rapido and Jaldi. They do want to read the news as it happens, and in this Website you do not pay any subscription fees & mailing fees.

This site, your site, intends to do that. In one click, you could go down to Country A and see who got engaged or married there. Go to another country and you would know who got the award, citation or is being honored. You would have 100 countries monthly report of social happenings and information that you would find it useful. Imagine reading monthly 200 pages of fresh and interesting report at your own leisure time. Celebrations and those that raise the flag of Sindhis would be featured.

You would be having on this Website a progressive listing of DJ’s, Wedding Planners, Travel deals, Airline schedules, religious and social calendar, Insurance agents, currency converter, and a list of Indian embassies worldwide. Anything that would benefit the Sindhi community worldwide. Travel deals, special offers, and new product launches would be a page you would look forward to. You would know about visas, new policies of government, OCI cards and more.

To promote your products or services, and to sustain this Website, your could advertise.
I promise you a Website that has been long overdue would definitely interest and would involve you. And finally, I want to thank first of all my loving wife Heena who has always been my supportive partner and a great friend, my son Vishal for being my guide and my daughter in law Parveen who has been assigned to inform the world about this site. I love you all.

Jhule Lal Thanjo Pyaro

Mr. Vishnu Hathiramani

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5 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo East
1603 Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone (+63 2) 687-0033 and (+63 2) 851-3518

About the Publisher

Vishnu HatiramaniThe Publisher, 56-year old Filipino-Indian businessman Vishnu Hathiramani, takes pride in publishing this website. As an immediate past president of the prestigious Filipino Indian Chamber of Commerce, as founder editor of an Indian magazine in the Philippines, founder and incorporator of the biggest Indian social and charity group in the Philippines, and other various activities the publisher was involved in, his love for both the countries has motivated him to become a publisher. He believes that his depth of knowledge, his relationships with various chambers of commerce in the Philippines and government concerned offices, and his treasured knowledge should be used to benefit the two nations. He is also the first Philippine overseas Indian recipient of the OCI card.



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