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Terms and Conditions

Sindhi Tattler reserves the right:

1. To accept / reject advertisements in accordance with publisher's policies.

2. To not be bound by any condition appearing on any advertiser's or advertising agency's contracts, orders or copy instructions which conflict with publication policies.

3. To not be responsible for poor reproduction caused by material with wrong specifications.

4. To reject ads promoting sauna and massage parlors, bold shows and entertainment, those exploiting sex, and those that, in the judgment of Sindhi Tattler, may not be morally acceptable.

5. To have all ads and company URLs, product, or brand names be clearly distinguishable from other existing ads on the site so as not to confuse readers.

6. To have all ads clearly identified by the trademark or signature of the advertiser. Materials, in the judgment of Popular Publishing House, that look like or resemble editorial pages may be marked "Advertisement" or "advt".

7. To reject or discontinue ads which contain false information or services, those that do not conform to acceptable standards in advertising, or those that, in the judgment of Sindhi Tattler, may be detrimental to its integrity.

8. Only written complaints filed within 30 days after publication shall be entertained. Final lay-out and copy are subject to editorial approval.

9. The advertiser may pre-terminate this agreement by serving Sindhi Tattler a written notice at least one (1) month before termination date. The advertiser, however, shall still pay Sindhi Tattler all its past due accounts plus the remaining balance of the total contract price upon termination.

10. All unpaid accounts will be charged with 36% interest per annum plus 5% penalty and collection charges per month from the time they become overdue.

11. Sindhi Tattler reserves the right to shift to temporarily low- or no-graphics version of the site as called for due to national interest particularly during times of exceedingly high-traffic volume, thereby also temporarily converting graphic ads to text ads or no ads at all, depending on the judgment of Sindhi Tattler, without any additional lien, responsibility, or obligation of Sindhi Tattler to the client.

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