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THE FAMOUS VYA BROTHER, SANDEEP AND SANJEEV, are pictured with Philippine’s Vishnu Hathiramani, Heimi Lalwani and Rajan “Piku”  Uttamchandani.

At a recent wedding function at KOTA KINABALU SHANGRALIA RASA RIA.

Sindhi Tattler

Valiram and Champa are pictured with Vishnu Hathiramani of the Philippines.

Sindhi Tattler

ROSHAN VALIRAM is pictured with her Manila friends: Shasha Budhrani, Rochelle Lachmandas  and Preeti Mirchandani at a Bali Wedding recently.


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Nandlal Mirchandani of Dubai [extreme right]  and his Manila friends:Sajan Thadani, Vishnu Hathiramani [], Mohan Sahijwani, John Daswani and Peter Nathani.


SHAH RUKH KHAN conferred the title of DATUK in Malaysia.

He is the first foreign actor who has been honored with this title and this title akin to a British Knighthood. Shah Rukh responded by announcing that he would shoot an entire film, tentatively titled "Happy New Year", in Malaysia next year. He would also help develop the Malaysian movie industry that has had directors like Phani Mazumdar and Ritwik Ghatak making films.

On how he felt about his Datukship, the actor said that it was an honor not only for him but also for all actors from India. "I am very happy that I have found a big space in the hearts of people here," he added. Resplendent in a black Baju Melayu, Samping and Songkok, the traditional Malaysian attire, he received the state award from Melaka Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, the royal constitutional head of the state. The 43-year-old actor held the estimated 1,000 guests at the investiture spellbound as he received the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM), conferred on him in conjunction with the 70th birthday of the Royal Chief. He was supposed to receive this on October 11 but due to a busy work schedule it was postponed. This was held at the BERNAMA hall of “Dewan Seri Negeri”. Cameras clicked, videos rolled and the guests became mesmerized by the legendary actor.

The Press called him as “OUR VERY OWN”. He then took a rickshaw ride through Malacca, winning hearts of the citizenry, this despite his injured hand. Shah Rukh Khan, is a fabulously successful 43-year-old film star with global recognition and vast masses of devoted fans.

He is a talented and hard-working entertainer with more bankable cultural-crossover appeal than any most Bollywood stars of his generation. Hail to DATUK SHAH RUKH KHAN.

Mukesh or popularly known as “Keshy” got married to Roshan. The groom is the son of Champa and Jetha Valiram of Malaysia while the bride is the daughter of Beena and Ashok Budhrani of the Philippines. The Nov 24 wedding drew in about a thousand guests, and about 300 of them flew in from different parts of the world. Close to 130 rooms were occupied at the Westin KL Hotel while parties were held at the Westin, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La, Mandarin, Marriot and at other locations. Thursday the 2oth of Nov saw the family and their guests meet at the house of the Groom. Champa and Jetha,

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Mukesh or popularly known as “Keshy” got married to Roshan. The groom is the son of Champa and Jetha Valiram of Malaysia while the bride is the daughter of Beena and Ashok Budhrani of the Philippines. The Nov 24 wedding drew in about a thousand guests, and about 300 of them flew in from different parts of the world. Close to 130 rooms were occupied at the Westin KL Hotel while parties were held at the Westin, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La, Mandarin, Marriot and at other locations.

Thursday the 2oth of Nov saw the family and their guests meet at the house of the Groom. Champa and Jetha, Lavina and Sharan, Sindhi Tattler MagazineMonica and Ashwin made sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying the delicious buffet.

On Friday the 21st two parties were set at two venues. The engagement ceremony at the “Living Room” of Westin was a venue for also hellos hugs and kisses, memories and introductions, and basically a welcome getogater. It was followed by an excellent buffet and drinks being served immediately. It was indeed a Glamorous night. Music was provided by DJ Harvey of Singapore.

This was followed by a very exclusive party at the Ritz Carlton. The Deviliciously haute dressed Chic crowd, mostly youngsters and young at heart, trouped to the past midnight great party excellently called “Devil wears Prada”  and watched, whistled and wondered at the  European and Asians Models in various outfits, mostly skimpy,  thrilling the crowd till the wee hours of the morning. Drinks such as JW Gold Label, Grey Goose Vodka, Verve Champagne and with more than a selection of about 100 kinds of drinks, kept the crowd literally on their feet the whole night.

Saturday the 22nd of November bought in the crowd at the Sangeet function held next door at JW Marriot. The main question was the identity of the main performer. Would it be Himesh Reshammiya? Till the surprise was exposed, DJ Jonqui entertained the guests with his tantalizing and heartbeat music. This was followed by dinner and more hugs, more kisses and more introductions. And as the usual “must” for all Sindhis weddings: family members who take part in the “song” and dance program. A tribute to the bride and groom, and the respective families. A sign of friendship. Appreciation. A local Malaysian Sindhi, young chap named H Jethwani sang a beautiful English song. Excellent, I should say. Mahesh Mirpuri of the Philippines also did a good job as a emcee.

The second DJ was no less than India’s best: DJ Tahil. Great Music, Great Selection and Great crowd. The pillar less ballroom accommodated close to a thousand guests.  They danced like never before. It felt that Bollywood came down in KL. The guests held their breath only when an announcement was made that the third and final performer of the night would now take over.

The “Dooriyan” superstar came not from India but from Pakistan. Remember the movie “Race”. He sang the best song of that movie. Meet Atif Aslam. Mr Energy. Mr. Super Entertainer.  His appearance brought in a new wave of energy, a new “you” was born for the night, the tiredness became tired and left the body leaving the full energy intact, and the night became young again. The Bollywood dressed crowd looked much better with the complimentary Indian "Pagris" [caps] provided for the male and quality bangles and “Tattoo” stickers for the fairer sex of the society.

This singer could hold the crowd. His songs, his style, his originality was a complete appreciation of great Bollywood life style.

Sunday the 23th was a day of the "Gharis" held by both the families and was a reunion of close family relatives and friends.

The night time was reserved for the “Shanghai Night” and was held at the “SHOOK” at JW Marriott. This was truly a night to remember. Upon entrance, Male guests were provided with a Chinese scarf {I do not have the exact word for it} while the ladies were provided with a fan. Now if Karan Johar was there, what would have given him? Of course, a great welcome. The Indian “Paan” and the Indian “PaniPuri”, “Bhel” and “Sevu Puri” was the top favourite of many. Each and every party had not only a buffet of one kind of cuisine, but a buffet of various kinds of cuisines: Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Western, Thai and more. A Chinese female singer entertained everyone though some guys were more interested in the slit of her dress. I mean how long the length of the slit was.

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Monday November 24.  The final day arrived. The sun shone like never before. Happiness engulfed the entire Malaysia.  The Gods met for Breakfast and gave their lifetime blessings to the couple. Held at the

Shangri-La everyone was requested to come on time for two reasons. First, they had to follow the “Hatialo” or tying of the hands of the bride and groom with a timing deadline [hey, that’s our culture brother] and the arrival of the HE King and the Queen of Malaysia. And the guests did their part. The 240 chairs were occupied in a wink of an eye while hundreds of guests had to stand to watch the wedding. The close to a thousand wedding guests comprised of many foreigners and Malaysians.

Maharaj Washdev Sharma of Singapore, the official officiating priest, indeed was a pride for all with his super English dictation, very clear, very explanative and very precise wedding details info. Yes, the beautiful printed, laminated wedding details, distributed to all guests, explained the full wedding ceremony. It was very useful to the foreign guests who may have attended an Indian wedding for the first time. The explanation of the Maharaj that hence forth all girls in the world are now as good as the sisters of Keshy, and all guys in the world are now as good as the brother of Roshan, drew great appreciation and laughter from the crowd, mostly non-Indians or those who do not know this Indian traditions.

The wedding ended with thousands of photos being taken, thousands of kisses and hugs, blessings and congratulations and a great buffet. In one hour’s time, even before the party was over, pictures were splashed on some face book accounts. promises to do the same in the future.

The wedding may have been over but not the party. A “Youngsters after Party” was followed at a different venue: “Pulse” at the Grand Millennium Hotel. The hundreds of youngsters moved over there awaiting the official couple: Mukesh and Roshan [name has not been changed]. The couple came and as a special unexpected tribute, the great Pakistani singer Atif Aslam sang one song in their honour.

Next venue: The Bedroom of the bride and the groom. Sorry guys and gals, this is censored.

Sindhi Tattler MagazineThe next day, Tuesday the 25th of November, saw a variety of activities: Some guests checking out, final shopping was being done, final goodbyes, final kisses and paying the hotel bills. And for those who stayed behind, getting ready for a final great party: The wedding reception at Mandarin Oriental. This was a black tie dinner and due to the protocol as requested by the offices of the Royal Highnesses, guests had to come before 8.30 pm, prior to the arrival of the Royal Highnesses.

Prior to the opening of the main hall, which drew many “aahs” and “Oohs” at the wonderful decors; cocktails were held at the lobby. The mike made two announcements: first, the doors would open in few minutes and second that instead of the planned pre-designated seating, except for the Bridal nag Groom table, the VIP’s and Reserved tables, free seating would be observed, due to a glitch in the computer system and last moment confirmation of more than a hundred guests.

The seating arrangements for about 800 guests were quickly taken up. The drinks started pouring up, and the sit down dinner was awaited. Entertainment came only after the guests finished their wonderful super delicious meal. Yes, more were vegetarians than usual it being a meatless day.  Did you know that more than more than 7000 malaysian pledged to go meatless this year, according to Committee Chairman Pishu Murli Hassaram. In the year 2007 about 89.2 Million people pledged and were expected to observe the now so called “International Meatless” Day all over the world? Thank God for Dada Vaswani of Pune.

Sharan and Ashwin, the brothers of Mukesh, who both spoke at this reception, were honestly great at what they spoke. The elder brother was formal while Ashwin’s speech was a hilarious one and gave out many truths about Keshy. Hey, it was fun. This is what brotherhood should be all about. I have now great respect for these brothers, and their family closeness. A lesson for the world. Kamlesh Budhrani spoke of his sister Roshan, the bride from the bottom of his heart and his family’s too. Emotions reached the highest level with his brotherly speech. Hey Kamlesh remembers girls or sisters are “Paraya Dhan”.

The crowd was surprised when they announced that they had an Indian stand up comedian, Mr. Ash Chandler, as one of their performers for the night.  A new trend for the year 2009 has been established for the Sindhi community worldwide. Ash is an Anglo-Indian and USA returned NRI. He put Jay Leno, Russell Peters and others to competition with his great comedy. To entertain the crowd with 50 minutes of standup comedy is no easy task. More so when you have to address and International mix crowd, from the five continents of the world.  And he did that with flying colours. Earlier in the month, Ash had performed at a Sindhi Goa wedding and hopefully would be performing at the 60th Philippines Indian community celebration in Manila on January 25, 2009.

This Reception saw the INFRA RED entertainers and band of Mumbai, with Rodney Fernandez as the lead; infuse more energy in the crowd, more people on the ballroom, and memories being carved up. He was ably supported by his female singer Monica Gadgil, and a group of 4 more in the troupe. “Pappu can’t dance Sala” but the crowd could dance Sala. Cameras clicked like never before, and the video of Mumbai’s top videographer “singapore investments” captured those perfect moments and other occasions from Day 1.

Congrats to the Valiram Family for truly organizing

This great week of fun, and due credit must be given for all those involved in this flawless, super arranged, and a fantastic wedding of the year, or even the decade. Move over the directors of Bollywood and Hollywood. Congrats too to the Budhrani family of Manila.

Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine
Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Valiram Group inagurates “Jimmy Choo” outlet  at Suria KLCC

The world-renowned Jimmy Choo brand has opened this July,  its first stand-alone boutique in Malaysia at Suria KLCC here. The first Asian boutique opened in Singapore last June.

It was inuagurated by the wife of Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Datin Seri Tengku Marsilla Tengku Abdullah, togather with the Valiram Group, a Sindhi family, who now owns the Malaysian rights.

Tengku Marsilla (fourth from left) and the Valirams — Jethanand, Sharan, Mukesh, Ashvin and Champa cutting the ribbon to unveil the Jimmy Choo boutique.

In a statement made by Valiram Group director Ashvin Valiram, in regards to bringing this  super iconic luxury brand to Malaysia, this is what he said: “We believe the Malaysian market welcomes the arrival of such a renowned brand synonymous with the red carpet style and glamour.”

The Jimmy Choo brand was founded by Malaysian-born Datuk Jimmy Choo. It opened its first boutique in 1996 in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge. It has more than 60 stores worldwide, and will be expanded to include eyewear, fragrance and a total of 75 stores by 2008-2011.

Congratulations to the Valiram family. Wadhayun Wadhayun.

Roshan Budhrani from Manila got engaged to Mukesh Valiram of KL, Malaysia on Feb 9, 2008-2011

Malaysia Wedding

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