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The Sindhis are originally from a province called SINDH, which is now in Pakistan and formerly part of Undivided India.

It is where the Sindhu (Indus) Valley civilization flourished from 2300BC-1760BC. Sindh covers an area of 58,000 square miles. The people, who have spread their wings through the length and breadth of the globe, have shown a remarkable resilience and have adapted to the culture of all lands. They are hard workers excellent in business, medicine, law, engineering, fashion, art, food and all professional fields. They have created a global community, striving to make a border less nation.

Sindhis are a cosmopolitan community and transcend all caste, religious, racial and national barriers. Like most communities in India who live a life full of color, festivity and hospitality, the Sindhis are no exception. Sindhis, who can be Hyderabadis, Bhaibands, Aamils or Shikarpuris, generally eat food that consists of the richness and aromas of spices, ghee and exotic masalas. They are fond of wearing colorful rich clothing and jewelry. "Partying and socializing is an intrinsic part of the Sindhi lifestyle." "They love to be extroverts and enjoy the good life." They celebrate most of the Indian festivals with great pomp and enthusiasm. Though Sindhi food is high in calories and fat, the Sindhis are a health conscious lot. They are equally fond of sweets their favorite being gulab jamoons. Other dishes like the koki, kadhi, and dal pakwan are favorites of not only Sindhis but people from other communities as well. Sindhi entrepreneurs have also been an important catalytic agent of economic development in many areas of India and have come up from scratch to a very respectable living standard all over the world. Common territories world over that Sindhis have migrated to include Spain, Pakistan, Canada, USA, Italy, Cyprus, Casablanca, Dubai, Hong Kong, Philippines, London. Many are to be found in Sub-Saharan West Africa, where they thrive on local businesses.




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