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Farewell dinner for H.E. THE INDIAN AMBASSADOR MR ANIL WADHWA. See with Ms. Rima (Janu) Hargun and all the beautiful ladies of Bangkok, Thailand


WE SALUTE THE BANGKOK SINDHIS. Imagine 39 years of association.
Sindhi Tattler - Thailand
Vashi Purswani [3rd from left] of Martin's Tailor had a great reunion with his managers of his various tailoring shops. It shows that despite all of them moving on to become their own bosses and valuable members of the Thailand society, their respect and administration for each other, including their ex-boss VP, remains high.
Truly, this is what Sindhis are all about: No matter who we are, we do respect our past.
L-R . Mr. Deepak Butani, Mr. Kishore Nawani, Mr. Jackie Jhangiani, Mr. Gul Jhangiani, Mr. Prem Kishnani, Mr. Vashi Purswani (Boss), Mr. Peter Thakur & Mr. Kishin Kishnani... it was great reunion after 39 years.
The dinner reunion was hosted by Mr. Peter Thakur.

Thailand - Sindhi Tattler

RAHUL AND SIYA DARYANI upon their arrival in Manila, from Bangkok where they got married last Dec 2. Rahul is the son of Dave and Maya. Congratulations.

TINA THAKUR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thakur got engaged with AUD on 19th Nov 2010 in Bangkok.

Sindhi Tattler

JUST MARRIED. NICKHIL HARGUN got married to HARLEEN SINGHNARULA on Feb 9th in Bangkok. Here they are  pictured with some of their international friends. Congratulations.


Sindhi Tattler

AMRITA SINGH & RIMA HARGUN [5th and 4th from left] soon to be “SAIN” or ‘SAMBDHI” are pictured with PRIYA, NARISA AND bride to be HARLEEN SINGH and on extreme right is RAJNI from HONG KONG. Groom to be Nicky is the son of Rima. Wedding is scheduled in the month of Feb. in Bangkok.



Sindhi Tattler Magazine

MANISHA Pooran DOWLANI is pictured with her two daughters RASHMI and REEMA, and her friend DOLLY Guli SEHWANI [ 3rd from left ] at a wedding with was held at the HUA HIN HILTON, a resort 2 hours away from Bangkok. They are from the Philippines.


MONA, daughter of Ampai and Peter Thakur of United Jivan Corporation got married to MIKE, son of Pol. Sen.Sgt. Maj. Daichawat Jarounapat and Mrs. Kwanlada of Thailand.

On extreme left are the Thakur family members: Danny and his wife Nitya, Tina and Niki Thakur.
Our heartiest congratulations.
The wedding took place Hotel Intercontinental, Bangkok on March 8th.

BROTHERS SANJU AND NIKHI HARGUN Look great in these turban.

Bangkok Brothers

Singh is King or Hargun are Kings. You decide.

Jan 10 in Bangkok.

Seated is Mom Rima [Janu] while brother Sanju is all smile.

Haresh Karnani of Manila got married to Jaya in Bangkok Thailand

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

Rima Hargun with her son Nikhi and her future daughter in law [and her family].

Danny Thakur got married to Fah

DANNY THAKUR GOT MARRIED TO FAH IN BANGKOK ON JULY 8. They are pictured at the Mexican Party few days before the wedding. Congratulations

Peter Thakur dances with his son Danny, daughter in law Fah and some guests.

ABOUT THAILAND. (The picture shows the Modern Bangkok)
Thailand is at the crossroad of Asia, and is the unofficial Wedding capital of Sindhis.  Food is excellent, hotels are organized, rates are reasonable, visa issues is not a problem and Indians can get visa upon arrival. Yes, English is a problem here as Thai speak very limited. Tourist areas have good English speaking Thais. Sindhi Tattler Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, but unfortunately there are now fewer Sindhi Families. Punjabis are found everywhere.

Indian Embassy is located at 46 Soi Prasarmitr, Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok. The Phone numbers are 66-2-22580300 up 06. The Fax number is 22584627. The Email address is

These are some of organizations in Thailand.
India-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Siri Guru Singh Shaba, Vishnu Mandir, Indian Women’s Club, Siam Sindhi Society, Prem Prakash Sindhi Mandir and other such organizations.

Thai Vegetarian food is very easy to order, and there are lots of Indian restaurants also.

SAWADEEKUP or Welcome to Thailand.
As a start up column, let me first introduce myself. I am the sister of Vishnu Hathiramani, who is the Web Master of this exciting ST website. 

The “Wedding Capital” of Sindhis  is Thailand. No argument about it, according to a Bali frequenter. Thailand is easily accessible from India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

As a Wedding Planner, I could guide you all through, but being an Editor of this page I cannot mix my business with this assignment. All I can say is to make the wedding more enjoyable. My Son Nikhi  is a Jeweler specializing in exclusive personalized designs while my other son Sanju is a DJ.

Sindhis holding Indian Passports, or those requiring visa to enter the country, can secure a Visa on Arrival at the Airport. You could get it between 5 minutes to an hour depending on the rush at the Airport.

In the picture below u will see Sunita and Kamlesh Daswani of Thailand enjoying each other in Baguio, Philippines. Both are gem of a person and also deals in Gems and Jewelries.

 Sindhi Tattler Thailand 

Tata Motors presented it Xenon and other Models during the recently held Bangkok Auto show. In one picture you would see Mr. Ratan Tata with the launch versions of $2500 Nano car.0


Sindhi Tattler ThailandSindhi Tattler Thailand
Sindhi Tattler Thailand
In Thailand the “Songkran Festival” is celebrated same as Holi. The only difference is that they use water but without any colors, just plain. This year as usual it was celebrated with much fun fare and delight of the tourists.
Sindhi Tattler Thailand
The Indian Ambassador Madame showed up at the Thailand Jewelry fair to encourage the Indian delegation who took part in this show. Great Lady.
Sindhi Tattler Thailand
Two Indian Naval Ships INS Rana and INS Kirpan visited Bangkok from 7th April to 11th April, 2008-2017. The fleet was led by Rear Admiral Satish Soni, Flag Office Commanding Eastern Fleet, Indian Navy. INS Rana had several visits to the Philippines in the last few years.

The Bhangra dances performed by the ship personals were great. Balle Balle.

More in my next report.




Rima Hargun, formerly Janu Hathiramani of Pune is a long time resident of Bangkok. She stays with her two sons, Nikhil and Sanju, in Bangkok. She is a wedding planner, handling Sindhi and Punjabi occasions. No work is too small or huge.  She is meticulous and hardworking planner.


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