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 DUBAI +971-507-942210.

TEL: 63-2-8111468   
MOBILE: 09228983322


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Business RAM TOLANI of DUBAI  wrote this message. On April 22 His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum acknowledged Dr.Sanjay Tolani as PhD scholar which has made my lifetime awaited dream come true : 

Like every common man ; I had seen many dreams : some were accomplished and some  not : 

Those incomplete dreams ; we wish to achieve though our children : THANK GOD : my lifetime awaited dream is completed by our son Dr. Sanjay Tolani.


Sindhi Tattler - Dubai, UAE

ISHWAR CHUGANI is pictured with HON. JEJOMAR BINAY, Vice President of the Philippines during the latter visit to DUBAI. GREAT PICTURE.


Mr. RAM BUXANI was one of the attendee at the recently super successfully concluded SINDHI SAMMELLAN in Jakarta [second from left]. He is pictured with Mr. Haru Mahtani of Indonesia and Mr. Ashok Hathiramani of the Philippines [1st and 3rd from left], and two other guests.

Sindhi Tattler

Anand Radia and Anjili Samtani of Dubai are pictured with Karan, Kishin and Kiara. Marriages are made in Heaven but Families on Earth. Congrats



Sindhi Tattler

Mr. Sunil Kapur, chairman of the Copper Chimney group is pictured with Mr. Ishwar Chugani [right side] of ETA-STAR Retail Group, Dubai upon their contract signing.

It will be opening shortly at the Meadows Town Centre

Established in 1972, Copper Chimney has been Mumbai’s foremost culinary landmark serving authentic cuisine from the North West Frontier Province and the Punjab for over three decades.

Watch for it. Forget your diet.


Sindhi Tattler

Rajesh and Shaira Bojwani of Poland are pictured with Rajiv Chandiramani of  USA/Philippines and Vijay/Prasheen Chandiramani of USA. Rajiv and Vijay are the brothers of Shaira.  They are looking great.


Filipino-Indian Partnership Goes International

Ms. Liberty Ilagan – Director, Ongpauco Group of Companies
Mr. Ishwar Chugani – Director, ETA- Star Retail Group
Ms. Happy Ongpauco – Director, Barrio Fiesta Restaurants
Mr. Benito Valeriano – Philippine Consul General.

Meet ISHWAR CHUGANI, a Filipino Indian from Bacolod City, and who is the Executive Director, ETA-Star Retail Group. Say Hello to HAPPY ONGPAUCO, Director and Vice President for Operations, BARRIO FIESTA group of restaurants.

ETA-Star Retail brings the original Barrio Fiesta restaurant to the UAE.  The opening date set is within this year. This will the First International Casual Dining Restaurant specializing in Filipino cuisine and will open at Juman Center, Dubai.

Commenting on the new venture, Ishwar Chugani said, “We are confident that bringing Barrio Fiesta to the UAE will be a success and will tap into a niche market that is currently unmet. Barrio Fiesta has a legacy that has excited the palettes of millions of people and now we have the opportunity to introduce it to the food lovers in the UAE.”

Established in 1952, Barrio Fiesta has over the years grown to become the leading traditional family restaurant in the Philippines and currently has 50 restaurants in the Philippines and the U.S.A.

“This is another milestone in the history of Barrio Fiesta as we cross borders into the Middle East with our first store in Dubai as it is our mission to share the culinary delight of Filipino food with the rest of the world. Since its inception our family has worked hard to grow the restaurant into the institution it has now become and we look forward to working with ETA-Star Retail to grow the brand in the UAE,” said Happy Ongpauco.

Modern Filipino food is a fusion of native flavors mixed with ingredients, recipes and cooking methods from abroad. It is a mixture of Traditional, Spanish, Chinese and Malay cuisine giving Filipino food a culinary experience unique to South East Asia. This venture would successfully show case the True Flavors of Pinoy cuisine to the World. This will be a place where you can be proud to take your friends and experience authentic, traditional and fusion Filipino cuisine…. Just like home.

About ETA-STAR Retail Group:
ETA-STAR Retail Group ( is the Retail arm of the US$ 5 Billion ETA-ASCON STAR Group (

ETA-STAR Retail own and operates Giordano, Giordano Junior, Barista Espresso Cafe, Zyng Asian Grill, Picantina Mexican Kitchen, and Copper Chimney Indian Restaurant across the region.

For further information please contact:
Anne Howard/Abigail Dawson                                  Asda’a Burson-Marsteller              
Dubai, UAE
Tel:  +971- 4 -3344550                                            Fax: +971- 4 -3344556

On a beautiful Buddha Purnima day, on a very auspicious Satnarayan [full moon] day (when the moon is at its fullest), Saturday the 9th day of May, 2009 , with the early morning 5 a.m. dawn sunrise and the centuries old sands of the middle east as witnesses, MAHESH MIRPURI of the Philippines proposed to KARISMA BHAVNANI  in a hot air ballon and this is what she said:

Sindhi Tattler Magazine

The  "Yes" word ignited hundreds of congratulations, thousands of SMS's, and the "MaheshKarisma" word engulfed the world.

Our congratulations to two wonderful  families, Ashu and Pishu Mirpuri of Manila, and Parmela and Ramesh Bhavnani of Manila also.

KIARA celebrated her 3rd birthday. Congratulation.
She is pictured with Anjili Samtani.


Sindhi Tattler Magazine

MR AND MRS RAJKUMAR TOLANI was in Manila recently and says Hello to all.


The Philippine Business Council  ( PBC ) of Dubai hosted a dinner in honor of Secretary Gary Teves and his team, where in Mr. Ishwar Chugani of Giordano was invited. He is pictured with Hon Teves [third from right].

They were on a short official visit to Dubai and on their way to the IMF conference in the U.S.A.

Attached are some pictures taken along with member of the PBC.


New Sindhi film “The Awakening” makes its international preview on April 18th in Dubai.

"The Awakening" has been produced by well-known Sindhi composer, lyricist and singer Koshi Lalvani, wife of Dubai-based businessman Lal Lalvani, and daughter of the noted Sindhi poet Kavi Naraindas Malkani.

It held its special screening in India at the Films Division auditorium in New Delhi March 9.  Honorable L K Advani togather with Jurist Ram Jethmalani, his wife Kamla and his daughter Pratibha attended it.

Dubai will be the venue of its international showing on April 17th. and in Bombay on 18th of April. Soon it will be released in major theaters globally.

The first SINGLISH film (English + Sindhi) on Sindhi culture and heritage, in a musical journey was very welcomed by one and all,who came to see the preview. Audience was so euphoric that all gave standing ovation after the film.

Dada L.K Adwani was very much emotional and said that he has not seen such a good film in long years.
Dada Ram Jethmalani  has acted in the film. Top line artist Smita Vishal vatwani and Dadi Farida were present there.

For details of the film pleas log on to

The movie, directed by Dharambir Kumar, traces the lineage of the Sindhis from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization, though it is not a documentary on the community. Based on a fictitious story written by Vinod Raman Nayar, it is about a New York-based girl called Sindhu and how, while doing her research on the Indus Valley Civilization, she discovers her Sindhi roots.

Through the eyes of the girl born and brought up in New York and her Mumbai-based grandmother, who steadfastly holds on to her Sindhi heritage, the movie sees the community's evolution and the subsequent travails, a large section of its members faced following the partition of India.

The movie dramatizes the events that led to large-scale migration of the Sindhis from their base, losing touch with their roots, and how the close-knit community later disintegrated.
The two-hour-15 minute-long “The Awakening” has dialogues in Hindi and English

Better known for her Sindhi music albums and musical ballet, "Jaag Sindhi Jaag", this is Koshi Lalvani's maiden attempt at filmmaking "to reintroduce to the Sindhi youth their rich lineage, culture and language." She has produced "The Awakening" under the banner of Paradise Pictures.

"I have approached the movie as two stories. One is born out of my imagination about a girl called Sindhu and her journey through history and the other is based on my research on the ancient civilization that had grown on the banks of the Indus River known in India as 'Sindhu'. But the movie is basically an attempt to remind the Sindhis scattered the world over about their roots," Nayar said.
A Maharashtrian girl, Smitaa, plays the role of Sindhu in the movie. The cast includes Vishal Vatwani, Farida Dadi and Pankaj.

Our Congratulations.

Payr Kare Dis
Director Kamal Nathani talks about his ambitious project Pyar Kare Dis: Feel The Power of Love has released on September 14.

It is also unfortunate that in the last 60 years, there have been only 20 Sindhi releases while in the last 23 years, only two films came,” says Kamal Nathani.

The industry has so many Sindhis in the business but no one has come forward to explore and expand their community through films. Moreover as there are over a five crore population of Sindhis all over the world, he feels the film will harvest rich dividends and thrust life into Sindhi cinema.

The film was shot in 20 days at Film City, Mumbai and Saputara. It is set for releases in eight theatres in Mumbai alone and 40 theatres all over on September 14.

Kamal Nathani, who has been in the Hindi film industry for the last 25 years, has planned another Sindhi film titled Sindhi Rocks. The film is going to be shot in three countries; Denmark, London and Dubai. It is a contemporary love story.

PRESIDENT Gloria M. ARROYO of the Republic of the Philippines visited Dubai last January 26 2008-2017


I had the opportunity to attend the lunch hosted by the Philippine Ambassador to UAE and organized by the "Philippine Business Council".

She was here with most of her cabinet and some of the Top Filipino Business Leaders.

During the lunch, I had the opportunity to meet up with some of the members of her cabinet and have taken some pictures taken with
Congressman Jose Carlos Lacson and Congresswoman Maria Carissa



Dubai milestone for Giordano

Casual wear retailer Giordano has launched its first outlet store at the Dubai Outlet Mall.

Giordano executive director Ishwar Chugani expressed his enthusiasm about the new store: "We are very pleased with our launch at Dubai Outlet Mall, which marks an important milestone for Giordano as it is the first dedicated outlet store in the Middle East.

"The 1700 square feet store will stock a wide selection of merchandise from Giordano's men's, women's and Junior collections. Giordano

"In addition the store will be updated regularly ensuring that customers have access to Giordano's must have items, as well as our previous season's merchandise which they may have missed out on continued Chugani."

Located on the Al Ain-Dubai road, the Dubai Outlet Mall enjoys a highly convenient location as it is a popular stop for customers visiting Dubai.

"The uniqueness of this development being the first outlet mall in the region was one of the key factors that led us into choosing this popular shopping destination," explained Chugani.

In addition, aside from its convenient location, the Dubai Outlet Mall houses many other well known and reputed high street brands, further reinforcing its appeal and attraction to consumers.

"We invite all our customers to take full advantage of our new outlet. As I noted earlier, the fact that our outlet will be updated on a regular basis will allow our consumers to make sure they never miss any of their favorite items. This store has given us one more opportunity to provide our customers with the best offers and service from Giordano " said Chugani.

Giordano International was founded in Hong Kong in 1981 and is now one of the world's leading international retailer of apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

Giordano has 150 stores in the Middle East.




Ms. AARTI CHUGANI who go married in July 2005 and is now known as Mansha Lachman.

She is the Customer Service Officer at Standard Chartered Bank , in Al Mankhool Branch at Bur DUBAI.

She can be contacted at email

Fax No.: (971 4)-3696981
Mobile No.:(971 50)-5794690


Sindhi Tattler

Tel. No. (9714) 3476700 | Fax 3476222 | Cellphone No. 50-6452993

Ishwar Bhagwandas Chugani is one of the Key official of GIORDANO Middle East. He is married and has two children. He was born in the City of Bacolod, Philippines and finish his education there with honors.

He is presently expanding Giordano stores in India and the latest one being in Mumbai. He is based in Dubai. You may access the website of Giordano Dubai at

His email is



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